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I2Five is hiring!

If you are interested in a flexible part-time job in our nifty space, read on! Apply at with a resume. No cover letter is necessary but feel free to introduce yourself.

Community & Space Coordinator/Manager


The I2Five Community & Space Coordinator/Manager is a role for a person that will thrive in the diverse activities that bring a of bit hospitality and order to the workplace. The setting is within a coworking-inspired community full of entrepreneurs, professionals, and blue collar workers. Your core function is to have ownership of creating and maintaining a functional, positive, and fun environment where our members & guests pursue success for their work, business, & events.

You will also have the unique opportunity to craft a portion of your job functions and responsibilities. The goal is to take the core role and tailor it to fit you according to your strengths, passions, and availability. As just one example, a person exploring a potential passion in DIY decor or remodeling projects would be able to make that a part of the job role.

At a glance:

Community & Space Coordinator/Manager: Actual title experience dependent

Part-time: Flexible 16-30 hours per week target

Partially flexible hours to better fit your schedule: ie a later or earlier start time, split days, and some flexibility on which days worked

Anticipated pay range of $18.00-$21.50 plus bonuses: Higher for exceptional fit candidates.

Location: Mead, Colorado

About I2Five and Our Culture

I2Five is the coworking inspired brand of a light industrial commercial property company. We provide space and service to several companies that need a place to do business but want more than the traditional options can offer. We are fiercely protective of a culture that fosters community and growth for both businesses and individuals. Because our members' success is our success, we are aligned even when that means celebrating a 'graduation' out of our space. We are proud to extend this approach to the people that work for I2Five as well.

Role Details

We are a small company and you should be comfortable with a measure of autonomy and flexibility. You will need prioritize core responsibilities but you find variety in a willingness to identify and tackle offhand tasks. Responsibilities include:

Hospitality & Relationship Building: Build relationship engagement across the business property and occasionally in the broader community. Have an attentive eye towards the practical aspects, both large and small, of hospitality. Examples include ensuring reasonably tidy shared areas, anticipating the needs of members & guests, organizing a monthly cookout, giving tours, configuring meeting space, and finding that lost power strip before someone's laptop battery dies.

Administrative: You should be able to have a mindset to get through lists of regular and sporadic administrative tasks. Examples include managing member subscriptions & bookings, keeping basic supplies in stock (like coffee), collecting payments, monitoring services, keeping tabs on building maintenance schedules, and curating on-site gear. But seriously, please don't let us run out of coffee beans!

Communication & Traffic Control: You will share in directly communicating and promoting communication across the property to help ensure room for business to operate & maneuver.

Supplemental Role Customization

These are just some of the optional ancillary job functions you can pick and choose from to build a role unique to your strengths or to add additional hours, but only if desired. Expertise is not necessary but enthusiasm to learn is.

Sales & Advertising

Media marketing

Interior design & decoration

Property maintenance

Construction & remodeling


Snow removal

Fixing things and being handy with tools

IT support


Skills & Experience requirements

Direct experience is helpful but a great fit is more important. If you have an amenable personality, a reasonable work ethic, and skills/aptitudes/experience that indirectly translates you will be successful. If you have a willingness to learn and apply those things you progress even further.

  • Communication and familiarity with the tools to do it are critical. This includes clear verbal and written communication through a variety of channels.
  • Basic ability to navigate and use modern work apps such as web based software, spreadsheets, web editors, and simple inventory managers.
  • Physical condition to rearrange training tables, move boxes, and other generally light lifting at minimum.

Benefits & Perks

Paid time off: 1 week per year

Unpaid time off: 3-4 weeks

Sick days: 1 week per year

Semi-annual bonus

Other notes and perks

Technology tools: we will supply quality tech for work but personal use allowed. Phone stipend available as well.

Free I2Five amenities: Use the MovieLounge, climbing wall, or meeting space for your personal time. Or check out items from our awesome new outdoor gear library. Or use our trailer to move out an old couch!

Pets: Well mannered creatures are welcome on a case by case basis. Sadly, we are no longer able to allow aardvarks or honey badgers.

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