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Co-Warehousing The Next Big Coworking Addition


Co-warehouse is a great solution for companies that need scalable space for operating their business without taking on a traditional lease of a facility that offers more square footage than necessary. Plus, the communal addition to the shared building offers a unique position for the members to call it home. 

Co-warehousing isn't just for e-Commerce

The current trend in co-warehousing is geared toward housing e-commerce organizations but I2Five is branching out and welcoming all businesses that can benefit from the combo office/warehouse offering. This gives an edge to its members by providing access to other industries and their expertise and various perspectives all under one roof. 

I2Five is made for growing businesses

I2Five caters to businesses and individuals who have established or growing businesses.  

Big or small I2Five favors those who need some space to operate. I2Five provides office and warehouse space for whatever your business needs are. I2Five is a mosaic blend of small and large organizations that operate fully in their space or in a hybrid model. If you're in need of an office by itself or need a couple of hundred square feet of warehouse, I2Five has the availability to meet your needs.

I2Five is made for small and medium-sized businesses that are:

  • Maxed out in their basement, garage, or storage space
  • Rapidly growing who need flexible space options that aren't offered by traditional leasing
  • Seeking a community of like-minded business owners and operators

I2Five identifies as a community warehouse and workspace in Northern Colorado. The "co" in co-warehousing is the community fostered there. I2Five doesn't cater to a specific industry, but rather, they cater to a culture of businesses that want to build a business and contribute to the broader community around them. I2Five offers its warehouse space as a flexible solution to whatever the needs are of its members. 

Who benefits from shared warehouse spaces?

  • Businesses that need small storage and operating space
  • Growing e-commerce companies
  • Inventors
  • Companies that have a large fleet of vehicles, and staff that require a satellite location as overflow

Co-warehouse space isn't just a rented area that revolves around shipping physical goods, it revolves around a community of people and companies that need fewer square feet of warehouse space for whatever their company needs. Current members use the I2Five co-warehouse space as a central location for their on-site business operations, assembly shop, manufacturing facility, lab, and overall base camp for their team.

It's not just an area to store your goods, but it is a warehouse space to call your own and an office add-on for operating out of. Co-warehousing isn't a trend, I2Five has been building its community of shared space for years now, and the need has been present for even longer. 

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